You wish to keep plants at your office but lack the time to care for them? Oxyplant is the service provider you’re looking for. Plants clean the air Modern office buildings, with predominantly sealed air, can contain up to ten times more pollutants than the air outside. Common toxic culprits found in the office such as mold, formaldehyde, dust mites, carbon monoxide and chemical cleaning agents. Plants in the office improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants. Plants also stabilize humidity levels. Indoor plants have also been shown to reduce the symptoms of “sick building syndrome” or SBS.

Plants reduce stress

Several studies have been conducted that indicate indoor plants can reduce stress levels in work environments. Washington State University researchers found that study participants' blood pressure levels were lower when plants were present in the interior. Study participants also reported feeling more attentive in the room containing plants. Multiple other studies have produced evidence that stress levels are reduced by the presence of plants and even improve productivity among office workers.

Visual benefits of office plants

Plants not only bring varying rich shades of green to the workplace, they also offer the visually-meditative experience that, ultimately, leads to happier and healthier employees that are more productive. Providing plants for the office offers both customers and colleagues alike a visually enhanced perception of your space. An office teeming with vibrant greenery will also convey a positive brand image to visitors.

With our renewable, annual contracts, you can look forward to lush greenery all day, every day. This is accompanied by a fortnightly maintenance cycle where our dedicated Plant Nurturers will come to your space to ensure that the greenery we have provided stays lush and healthy.