We, oxyplant have researched a lot about the health problems occur due to long working hours, especially sitting in a chair for long time and how to prevent these problems. We found stress is affecting good health.

Dealing with stress and stress-related diseases is an increasing problem and has an enormous cost for individuals, companies, and societies.

Researchers say that, Desktop plants reduce stress levels, improve mood and filter polluted air. A review of the scientific evidence suggests that employees are more productive when their office is filled with greenery, and hospital patients even tolerate pain better if there is a plant on the ward. It is discovered that staring at greenery for 15 minutes can reduce mental and physical stress by up to 60%.

Researchers state, greater levels of natural elements exposure were associated with lower depressed mood and higher job satisfaction. The study of 7600 employees in 16 countries was conducted by consultants Human Spaces and found that productivity, employee wellbeing and creativity were all enhanced by work environments that made extensive use of “natural elements”, including natural light and desktop plants. The report found that employees have an inherent affinity with elements that reflect nature. Lack of natural light at work was directly linked to increased stress levels, yet almost one-half (47%) of all employees reported that they had no natural light at their work stations. Almost 60% said there were no indoor plants in their work environment.

Keeping desk top plants is the best way to keep your office desk look fresh and lively. Oxyplant will keep your office healthy and beautiful. Keep our desktop plants on your desk and share your experience with us